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Computers According to Carol

A is for Anti-Virus: she got it from my Uncle.

B is for Backup: always look in your rear view mirror first.

C is for Caddy: part of computer that holds a coffee cup.

D is for Defrag: a popular dance in the 1920's.

E is for Email: post office talk for express mail.

F is for Folder: before I pack a dress, I fold er.

G is for Game Port: cruise ships dock there to play.

H is for Hard Drive: going from Toronto to Florida by car.

I is for Internet: a basketball has to get inter net to score.

J is for JPEG: similar to a square peg in a round hole.

K is for Keyboard: I hang my keys here so I don't lose them.

L is for Laser Printer: placed on eye during laser surgery.

M is for Memory: deteriorates unless I use it.

N is for Newbie: a recent addition to the hive.

O is for Online: a covered row when playing Bingo.

P is for Program: usually handed out at beginning of a show.

Q is for Quit: don't ever!

R is for Ram: a male sheep.

S is for Software: the best clothes to buy.

T is for Traffic: always heaviest at rush hour.

U is for URL: short for You Are Loved.

V is for Virus: the reason we get vaccinations.

W is for WYSIWYG: a sissy wearing a toupee.

X is for X-Axis: dig for treasure here, but not with an axe.

Y is for Yahoo: often yelled after a win.

Z is for Zipped File: another name for zippered briefcase.

Carol Bremner is a computer loving member of the gray generation. Her websites, and promote computer literacy in the home for the over 50 crowd.



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